Nailba Case Manager Certification - Final Exam: Case Manager Certification

2 modules


Finseca Staff

11 Apr 2023


The NAILBA Case Manager Certification Program helps train and develop new case managers on the life insurance case management process, while certifying existing case managers on the key skills, responsibilities, and best practices that are essential for their role. The program, which has been designed with a life insurance focus, is comprised of eight online learning modules with mastery quizzes for each module.



Abby Milner Mann – Vice President, New Business

The Milner Group

Leah Mahoney, FLMI, PCS – Director of Operations

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Carolyn Sampson – Sr. Vice President of New Business

The National Benefit Corp

Kany MacLellan – AVP, Underwriting and New Business

Brokers’ Service Marketing Group

Haley Chaires – Life Relationship Manager

Ash Brokerage

Helena Roberts – Vice President
Life Solutions, Underwriting, and New Business

Lincoln Financial Group

Heather Dowd – Sr. Training Consultant
Life Solutions, Underwriting & New Business

Lincoln Financial Group

Amanda Singer, FLMI, ACS – Vice President

Crump Life Insurance Services

Tiffany Markarian – Managing Director and Founder

Advantus Marketing, LLC

Peri Lane – Owner

Apis Productions



Andrea Caruso – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

MIB Group, Inc.

Melinda Meyer – President

Aspen Strategies, LLC

Joangel Concepcion – Director, Memebership and Digital Engagement


Jane Riley – Chief Compliance Officer

The Leaders Group, Inc.

Alaina Winson – Support and Services Manager / Operations Project Manager

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Dawn Goss – Licensing and New Account Specialist

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Lori-Anne Walker – Chief Underwriter

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Jann Varner, FLMI – Case Design Team Manager

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Brandon Johnsen – Senior Case Design Analyst

Diversified Brokerage Services, Inc.

Shannon Daly – Product Analyst, Individual Life

Lincoln Financial Group

NCMC - Final Exam: Case Manager Certification
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