Masters of Recruiting: Your ideal candidate profile

2 modules


Finseca Staff

16 Aug 2021



During this course, you will build an ideal candidate profile that will increase the number and quality of candidates in your pipeline.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Finseca Course Completion Certificate


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Masters of Recruiting: Ideal Candidate Profile
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Added 6 months ago, by Nikcole
Being a recruiter in a global market for years and then moving to a Financial Recruiter role; All of the information in the course is a refresher and reminder to focus on the right train track. While I have experience, but being a Finance Recruiter, is a different mindset. This is about being a sport recruiter per say, reviewing, watching film of the person, look at their talent, attributes, sport profile, do they meet the ideal candidate flow, can they hold the experience throughout the job, hold the team, being consistent and Win! As we all know any sport game is with highlights and tough moments. Can they do it, and will they do it! This is a great course for any recruiter. It is a reminder about being great recruiter, and to the culture and companies goals. Don't hire to hire, Hire to achieve. Thank you!
Added 7 months ago, by Christopher
Added 7 months ago, by Anne
Added 7 months ago, by Katina
Added 8 months ago, by Deb
Added 9 months ago, by Gary 
I’m not in management yet working with family business owners I can help them with these points and give them ideas to consider when they are hiring talent.
Added 10 months ago, by Charles
Added 12 months ago, by Anonymous
Interesting and useful!
Added about 1 year ago, by Krista
Added over 1 year ago, by Erica
This was amazing! I loved the expert videos and the way the workbook really helped narrow down and refine what we're looking for. Super helpful!

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